• What is Cashback?

    When a customer makes a purchase online through a Cashback website (rather than directly from the retailer's website), they get some money back which is called Cashback. This Cashback may be a percentage of the purchase amount or it may be a fixed amount on every purchase.

  • Can I make a purchase directly from a retailer’s site and still earn cashback?

    No. To earn cashback from Wiserpurchaser on your purchase at a site, you must first login to yourWiserpurchaser account and then click through using a link to any site of your choice listed on Wiserpurchaser.

  • Does Wisepurchaser pay me CashBack or does the shopping site?

    Wisepurchaser pays you cashback, not the online shopping site.

  • How do I earn Cash Back?

    Earning Cash Back at WisePurchaser is simple. Start by signing into your account, finding the store you would like to shop from, and clicking the 'Shop Now' button. After doing this, you will be bounced to your desired store and you can begin earning Cash Back by making a purchase at that store.

  • Do I have to be a member of Wisepurchaser to earn CashBack?

    Yes. In order to earn cashback, you need to first register at Wisepurchaser for a membership account. Membership is free and only requires a working email address and a password. If you’re not a member, we have no way of tracking your purchases and paying you cashback.

  • Why has my cashback tracked at the wrong amount?

    First, please check that you haven't included VAT and delivery charges, as most retailers don't pay cashback on these. Also, some purchases do track at the wrong rate initially before updating automatically a little later on. Please always take note of the retailer's terms and conditions, as this will be outlined here. If you are sure that your purchase has tracked at the wrong amount please raise an incorrect cashback claim within 7 weeks and we’ll ask the retailer to investigate.